session 9: Play Hard Love Hard

Creating Boundaries for Higher Performance
with High Performance Coach, Monte Cox(
what was so interesting about this discussion is the inquiry of boundaries
 and replacing what you do not like to do
 with ten minutes a day of what you love to do instead!
 you have a wish list!
 we all do…..
what a great idea,right?
 and how often we delay this list to achive or keep the status quo?
 sure there are things we can throw off our to do list to accomplish something that we always wanted to try…

time to get real!

I just want to go shopping and window shop in a daydream...

What are some areas in your life where you feel drained?
I feel drained by my work neighbors..asking for help even though they are well skilled to handle on their own.

photo from

– What are some boundaries you can put in your life to shift that?
placed boundaries on helping out all the time to placing a post-it list of options instead of being physically available to providing help.(hint hint hint-lady mentor boss totally shared this idea to me)
I also placed boundaries to certain times when I am on out of campus project.
has been working out great in 2019.woohoo


– What are some qualities that avoid you from saying “No”

qualities of loyalty to :
long term coworkers….
long time friends…

yes. I get attached by feeling loyal…


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