session 15:Play Hard Love Hard

Marketing the Authentic You with Health & Wellness Coach, Shayna Hiller( this has to be my favorite session!  marketing maintaining you energy is an advice I really appreciated from this interview. i guess i secretly like branding topics  she had some valueable to share from her many years of experience fo branding adn rebranding.  allContinue reading “session 15:Play Hard Love Hard”


session 14: Play Hard Love Hard

The Power of Music and Your Voice with Inspirational Entertainer, Justin MichaelWilliams ( what I loved about his session is about all the wisdom he had share about his grandmother and him  and the suden loss!  all he realised that he wanted to acheive and contribute to socitey a deeper way to Connect with yourContinue reading “session 14: Play Hard Love Hard”

session 11 : Play Hard Love Hard

Embracing the burning phase with Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Nick Perry( once upon a time…. I actually rememeber when nick perry was a famous surfer and surfing the world traveling I often wondered what happened to him? he had so many jewelsof wisdom from his life experience to share… about life. trying out what youContinue reading “session 11 : Play Hard Love Hard”

session 6:Play Hard Love Hard

Re-Defining Open Relations with Somatic Sex Coach, Victoria Smith ( natalie interviews Victoria Smith the most interesting part of the interview was the meditiation offered(open relating) when you inquire to different parts of the body while breathing deeply do you rememeber a desire from childhood or a feeling from a previous heartache or aContinue reading “session 6:Play Hard Love Hard”

session 9: Play Hard Love Hard

Creating Boundaries for Higher Performance with High Performance Coach, Monte Cox( what was so interesting about this discussion is the inquiry of boundaries  and replacing what you do not like to do  with ten minutes a day of what you love to do instead!  you have a wish list!  we all do….. what a greatContinue reading “session 9: Play Hard Love Hard”

session 7: Play Hard Love Hard

Being Authentic in a Digital World with Empowerment Coach, Dr. Morgan Oaks ( a ted ex speaker  who recently tried a bunch of diffent way to access his authentic self including comedy classes?!?  landing him into coaching….from  chiropractic practice and finally as a ted ex speaker  i found  this session very intersting and powerfully inspiring. #authenticContinue reading “session 7: Play Hard Love Hard”

session 12: Play Hard Love Hard

powerful leaderships Becoming a Powerful Leader Through Your Trauma with Life and Relationship Coach,Thatja Andrade ( #leader What are some of your biggest fears? ( getting really vulnerable here) I have big fears of dying ! more specific: while moving fast in a descending direction. fear of driving fast downhills via car/bike/skateboard/rollerskates etc. somehowContinue reading “session 12: Play Hard Love Hard”

session 4: Play Hard Love Hard

Masculine Way To Sacred Love with Relationship Alchemist, Stefanos Sifando ( the interveiw with natalie and stafanos was very interesting! forget the gender roles society says…. what is feminine?  and masculine? to you?….He challenges!… so interesting now for the questions natalie posed: #masculinelove Are you more masculine or feminine energy? I am more masculine in the professionalContinue reading “session 4: Play Hard Love Hard”

session 5:Play Hard Love Hard

Monogmy is Sexy and Obtainable with Sacred Relationship Coaches, Kat &Tully IG: what an interesting interview! Personaly for me having couple friends that display a great relationship is a motivating !!! factor for monogamy… answers to the questions posed by natalie: #mirrorlove Do you desire a monogamous relationship? yes I feel IContinue reading “session 5:Play Hard Love Hard”

session 3:Play Hard Love Hard

Natalie then interviews  Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici (Creativity and Business Coach,) who originally invited me to this series”play hard love hard” Amber is a creativity coach and she does a great time of creating structure for creatives! I love attending her online series it always contains a wide variety of ways to relax and reflectContinue reading “session 3:Play Hard Love Hard”

session 2:Play Hard Love Hard

Loving Your Body interview with Holly Roesser ( Health and Body Image Coach with a specialty in body image #lovebod What do you see or feel about the way you look? after a long time of sketching self-portraits, journaling, and spending time with people who support my gutsy work. I judge myself less. as aContinue reading “session 2:Play Hard Love Hard”

session 1:Play Hard Love Hard

session one is an interview with a brain expert- questions after the session of a very lively interview. This older lady is so young with her enthusiasm. wow! What do you value? I place the highest value on peace and from living life,I deeply value trust! Measure your happiness on a scale 1-4? IContinue reading “session 1:Play Hard Love Hard”