session 8: Play Hard Love Hard

Creating an “and” life rather than “or”
with Women’s Empowerment Coach, Natalia Benson=(
and some background music for you

#andnotorphoto from :

Is there anything in your life you feel torn between choosing?
I feel torn between choosing my inner wild woman and my inner child.

Both of who I have ignored while working.

I promise

– Is there a way you can create an “and” situation instead of “or”?
while uncovering the deeper why of passion
and happens.
I feel it is entertaining new interests I keep evolving.


– What are some typical ways you’ve dealt with break up?

each break up has been a self discovery journey

as in romantic relationships, I feel I merge so deeply into the other person’s habits/environment/routine that i almost forget myself…
so my way of dealing is
diving deep into me….
who am I?what is my calling? and what am I passionate about now?”
it is more like an inner check in too.
how have I changed and what will I carry forward..?…

photo from pexels:

– Are those ways serving you?
now I do that check in seasonally
because why wait to realign to who I am?what I am passionate about? and where am I going?


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