session 6:Play Hard Love Hard

Re-Defining Open Relations

with Somatic Sex Coach, Victoria Smith (

natalie interviews Victoria Smith

the most interesting part of the interview was the meditiation offered(open relating)

when you inquire to different parts of the body while breathing deeply

do you rememeber a desire from childhood

or a feeling from a previous heartache

or a feelng of unfufillment that you can explore and inquire about now



What does your Brain want
(my brain always idealized the best case scenario plan in all past none of that happened, heart took over, no regrets.)
= brain just has a silent space of peace as it is loopy…

– What does your Heart want
the heart is happy and expansive as it is warm and relaxed,a maiden happy to feel, express and play in that field of possibility

– What does your Groin Area want?
all lady parts are sipping to explore and revel in what is…
currently, this area is doing so much already…

what exists curiousity

in what ways can i grow and open my mind beyond all I haevbeen exposed to

– What area will you choose to honor?
I chose to honor heart to the groin…
as the brain always finds peace no matter whatever happened to the ideal plan.

I really loved this meditation!



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