sneak peak into my creative memoir..

Love letters to creatives during the 2020 pandemic:My reply to various creative friends newsletters.

you can read these and receive the support,hope or motivation you need as you create in the space of winter holidays.

I loved the strong glow of this reference photo

photo by Matthias Heil(

though, I tried it twice with minimal supplies..
there was something lovely about looking toward hope.

Photo by on

I love hearing about your wanderings in watercolor,

#paintwithmechallenge leader.
nice to hear you committed to some classes.

Photo by James Wheeler on

As we close the year

we share about the feeling of decreasing producing and increasing reflecting on the huge shifts of 2020 as we close the year and open 2021

this season,

after jumping into so many challenges and so many creations
I feel I will focus on writing and cultivating gratefulness.
2020 was huge.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on

So many changes!!
I am hoping to tune in more
and be grateful,
maybe paint with gauche a little
and reflect more of the creations of 2020.

Photo by luizclas on

on this day of reflecting,
sending you warm love as you open a new week.

in retrospect,in November I look at what I typed as a reply in mid October...I notice I did indeed write more and create less art,more of reflect about art of 2020.

Photo by Content Pixie on

I warmly invite you to gaze over the art gallery on my Instagram page

and scroll through march 2020 until november 2020

emotions expressed as art was perhaps the most this year.


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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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