session 15:Play Hard Love Hard

Marketing the Authentic You with Health & Wellness Coach, Shayna Hiller( this has to be my favorite session!  marketing maintaining you energy is an advice I really appreciated from this interview. i guess i secretly like branding topics  she had some valueable to share from her many years of experience fo branding adn rebranding.  allContinue reading “session 15:Play Hard Love Hard”

session 12: Play Hard Love Hard

powerful leaderships Becoming a Powerful Leader Through Your Trauma with Life and Relationship Coach,Thatja Andrade ( #leader What are some of your biggest fears? ( getting really vulnerable here) I have big fears of dying ! more specific: while moving fast in a descending direction. fear of driving fast downhills via car/bike/skateboard/rollerskates etc. somehowContinue reading “session 12: Play Hard Love Hard”