Back at it,Hello Nanowrimo

Are you doing NaNowrimo? or national novel writing month November this year. I did it last year and wrote 3 manuscripts. This year for my project working on organizing my passion project I will disclose more on that later…. so this year I am hosing some word sprints on under the name: ReensaraiContinue reading “Back at it,Hello Nanowrimo”

flashback…!…i don’t want to go back

On a red dusty road, my feet walk in open toed sandals(chappels) Mangalore(kudla), hot sweat dripping days, are a normal thing for me…thirsty for nimbu pani! and today is a short day so i am off ,to escape and get a taste of the locals life… my independent life is:no kids to babysit, no husbandContinue reading “flashback…!…i don’t want to go back”