Nanowrimo and some helpful resources

hiiiiii I am writing everyday in ten minute sprints

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you can join me for some writing sprints publicly under the name:Reensarai nature art prompts

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and so far about a week in I only skipped 2 of them.

I lost track of how many words I have written until now.

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I am not paying attention to the word count this time.

Anyone doing nanowrimo this year?

or do you know anyone doing nanowrimo this year?

here are some resources:

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I found the Read Write Inspire Channel on youtube very helpful last year:

I really love writing on this app

How Mindfulness Can Transform the Way You Write | Alexandria Peary | TEDxSalemStateUniversity

enjoyed this webcast sprint:

found this helpful too

while writing for a challenge

taking breaks is important.

and if you get a little lost along the way:

and thats about it this week time for me to edit my words with grammerly.

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ohhh and there is a black friday sale for my art going on in :

Society 6



I have been updating the shops with 2021 art

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One thought on “Nanowrimo and some helpful resources

  1. Hello, YES! I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year for the first time. I can’t believe I’m halfway through the month. Thank you for your post, fellow writer! I appreciate it so much.


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