Back at it,Hello Nanowrimo

Are you doing NaNowrimo?

or national novel writing month November this year.

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I did it last year

and wrote 3 manuscripts.

This year for my project working on organizing my passion project

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I will disclose more on that later….

so this year I am hosing some word sprints on

under the name: Reensarai nature art prompts

the writing sprint prompts are inspired by my most recent watercolor art

had my first write sprint today featuring art prompt sunflower

you can see the art series on instagram at the public handle @reensarai(

I felt like participating in floral inktober

and then an art series happened.

and now for nanowrimo

lets do some write sprints together for ten minutes everyday this week at 12noon PST

here are the links if you feel like joining in:

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Hibiscus prompt for (nov 6th 12 noonPST)


Photo by Pixabay on

Cosmos Flower prompt (nov 7th 12 noon PST)

day after tomorrow:

Photo by Yigithan Bal on

Mint leaves prompt for the day after that(nov 8th 12noon PST)

Photo by cottonbro on

Basil plant towers prompt(nov 9th 12noon PST)

Feel so happy to restart writing on

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and in the meantime,

while you are here

do check out my art,there are some sales going on

or get some stickers for the kids in your life


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