Been a long time,

hiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone,how have you all been?

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Recently I participated in the 100 day project,

and I did not complete all my mini promises of the project

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Yet ,hey

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I created 167 pieces of art!

Sketchbook Revival 2021

you can check out my 100 day project (jan31-may10 2021) on my public IG(

Sketchbook revival 2021

I had also made a mini promise that I will complete all my unfinished tasks of 2020

which I still am completing!

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I also had made a mini promise that I will complete editing my NANOWRIMO manuscript of 50000 words over 10 allotted days.

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ummmm march 10th I stopped editing

I did edit 8168 words

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and completed my nature oracle/journaling cards guidebook.

here is one of the nature oracle journaling cards inspired by air element

There is a part of me that deeply misses blogging.

there is another part of me that is still recovering from all the shifts and shakes since the pandemic began.

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How are all of you?

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I know India is still struggling as is many parts of the world.I know so many are grieving some kind of loss as well.I also know as the world slowly opens up there are so many changes.

I will be making a few more blog posts as I recently submitted my writing on an art blog.

Maybe will be sharing more about the sneak peak writing in the nature oracle /journaling card guidebook.

It was created during the “lockdown/self quarantine” times of the current pandemic

inspired and supported by my nature walks and reflections.

all in support of humanity’s self care breaks.

Hope you all are supporting your minds with rest,play,and all that soothes you.

Hope to reconnect to you all this season in the comments below.

warm love,care and bubbling laughter after an intense month.


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