new blog for the october challenge #themindfulbreak

hi everyone,

I opened this blog up in 2016

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yet i only typed in here sometime after at the end of summer.

and now i am opening up a third one just for #themindfulbreak challenge happening this month.

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How am i since then?

Well seems like life brings up the challenges to face head on during the pandemic.

queen sized breakfast since covid19 began,work from home mornings.

What i thought was normal and routine fell away…

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and the online creative community i used to create with suddenly became my “local friends”

empowering layered self portrait created in community(sketchbookrevivial)

and my real life “local friends” I have not heard from them.

lonesomeness of nick cave inspired by the art of portraiture intro available on

What have i been doing?


looking behind the scenes why certain systems have completely broken down in health care…

building on my career,research and fine focused studies….

because i am not missing out on anything anyway.

all public places are closed or open and risky

and there were days i was exposed to sick people and sick coworkers.

so i am self quarantining pretty often

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social distancing is a thing we do.

there have been crazy dramatic stories…..

and pure boredom of silence

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what i do know is

someday I am gonna have a whole treasury of stories to tell grandkids or youth.

I bet you will too.

going to work masked

and really no one will recognize me.

it is a strange feeling.

hope you all are doing well.

will pop in here again.

have a great october!


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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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