wow,it has been a long time,how are you all doing?

hi everyone!

hope you are healthy

and keeping your minds occupied in building

the dreams and the uplifted hopes you are here to create.

there is a lot going on everywhere.

As much as it is nice to stay informed.

there is so much to work on within

and around.


recently i was working

and just this month i find myself working at home again.

it is strange



I have a lot more to attend to these days.

the truth can be dark with heaviness

still selling my art.

yet recently

feeling pulled to write more.

will reveal a pure writing blog in time

just popping in here to tell you all hiiiiiii

and that I am alright.

will be re blogging a few blogs i enjoy.

hope to catch you all soon.



I have not been here so long

wordpress seems so different.

look like I will be readjusting…

once upon a time before social distancing and self quarantine

Published by Reensarai and her stories after

South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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