4 years ago,I opened this account to blog.


I only started to blog

2 years ago

In august

after the experience of arranged marriage proposals

totally surprised by the chaos of emotions experienced

as well as the unique gift of


how are my boundaries?

it is in deep moments that great changes begin.

and in those deep moments

I feel like running away


ideally I would love to take a road trip,flight,journey to another place

to be with all the emotions

and return back when i feel at peace.


that opportunity to physically escape is not always available

yet the creative mind is

writing and time in nature does that for me.

how are all of you?

the lock downs

and the emotions we are facing within…and outside.

it is an intense time.

i feel glad and relieved that many of you are here blogging.

I know healthcare essential workers are deep within… so much

and releasing through art has helped me.

what I am grateful for

is there is a whole community of like minded in the healthcare community doing the same.

I have been asked to submit some of my artwork

alongside more healthcare essential workers.

i will re blogging a few of the posts,

before mine is presented july 20 2020

the art I am sharing in the blog post is

the gifts of covid spring.

a prompt that I was writting to in a challenge called sen to paper primer.

What are the gifts? the good events that you have been finally able to devote time to

during this time of lockdown,home sheltering stay home order

that perhaps you did not have time for during life before covid19 pandemic.


my answer is in a piece of watercolor bling contour artwork.

To be revealed july 20 2020.


Published by Reensarai and her stories after

South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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