A few more days until summer solstice,as we complete Covid spring.

There has been so much within that emerges during covid19 sheltering at home,

serving at work,

or not serving at work.

losing a job

applying endlessly for a job

and interviewing during this strange uncertain time.

Lotus pond from my local botanical garden.

which I did yesterday.shortest sweetest interview of my life.

I miss latte time

what have you gained during this time.?

photo by @atelier21co

for some of us…

we gained a view of the shadowy

we gained a view of what already was not working….

we gained a view of flaws.,harsh truth and a deep need for renovation.

not innovation…more like demolition and rebuilding with new materials.

so time to strengthen the foundation of basics.

For some of us we have seen loved ones leave the earth too early from this time of panic.

For most of us

we know

after this we are never gonna be the same again.

bonfire time

so much will change

and within we carry the wonder of what is ahead.

I am deeply holding hope that all of you are safe,healthy,getting adequate sleep,eating healthy food,keeping social online and deeply looking within and healing.

this is a time to work on maintaining our health and immunity.

maintaining immunity with good sleep,good nutrient rich food,time in nature, working out,sunshine and loving conversation with loved ones that matter.

centerpiece-time to tend to the core.

I would like to thank each of you who passes by and reads my blog.

it has been a journey.

In this time of covid 19 i gathered the courage to start selling my art.

so here is a self portrait

for a gutsy price.


I will reblogging a few of the nice writing you all express too.

not consistently,

just the time i happen to log in.

as i close this post with excitement for the next collaboration…

I am sending good thoughts to all of you where ever you are…

in these tender times of 2020.


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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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