a hint of the behind the scenes of my paintings….

Anyone that knows me…
remembers my guilty pleasure of pausing at sunset to watch the dance of color across the

my art work is just a summary of a lifetime of sunrises,sunsets and exhilarating colors of nature that dance in the sunshine.

May you take some time to pause,gaze and breathe in the color placed with the love that remains…
maybe you will find a piece that will add peace to a dear friend’s dark gloomy floating cloud o
f uncertainty.

Here’s me taking a chance and setting my “creations” free to fly,move and edge to the future we now renovate.

nothing will be the same
and we will never forget
this tender time.

sticker available on redbubble.



Published by Reensarai and her stories after

South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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