Selling some artwork inspired by “intro to portraiture”class.

Hi everyone!

how are you doing?

the lock down,the work at home situation and

outer freedoms have been reduced.

how are you all feeling?

your mind?

your health routine?

I hope all of you are healthy,keeping mentally occupied with hope and are creating peace in your heart.


such a heavy time.20171101_194710844

especially with all the heaviness of this week.

I have been feeling tender and writing a lot for myself.

the black lives matter….cause…activism…directs my gaze to my own anti blackness influences…maybe even a de colonialism gaze…

and points to my own journey of arranged marriage themes…

yes there were painful skin color issues in conversation…

I am grateful to have watched and re watched the movie “Mississippi Masala” with Mira Nair.Time to time I go back to and watch when I was faced with these topics.

I think a lot of south Asians can relate..and a lot of south Asians that grew up and migrated from Kenya.Uganda,dwelling in the Caribbean also.

so messy…the emotions in this week.

and so needed for the tender conversations held in community..

to heal and the generous out pour of compassionate love toward our dear African American friends.

I know there are so many times…i was not able to stand in my truth..and an African American gal or guy would give me a shoulder to lean on.

They are bold, they are funny and they provide so much support as allies.

I am grateful for them…and I do not and will not tolerate the injustice done to them.

I cannot imagine America without African American black people.

Still so much to ponder in my deep heart.

I just wanted to share my thoughts here.

I wanted to extend my art to reach the homes,hearts or spaces where they may be needed at this time….

or perhaps after this uncertain time completes.

we will never be the same.

so many changes are in motion.

My only intention is that when humanity return back

May we return back to an artful world that finds a better way to live in harmony with nature.

May all heal inside as well as outside.


let me introduce you to an art piece inspired by intro to portraiture lessons

Arise from the depths of your despair

created with watercolor while creating crashed symbols portrait.

the beauty about watercolor is it flows in magical ways as it dries.

what I saw later is the arm of the goddess receiving assistance from her left side.

lightning and an animal sidekick show up in assistance.

I felt great courage while gazing.

and may you and your friends feel that too.

available on

Now to the next piece from this series….

Goddess blesses the offering

the right side

 the giving hand

the other side of the watercolor self portrait

dried in a different way then planned.

well in watercolor there is no plan

it is play

I always imagine a motherly goddess generous with compassion giving just what we need.

I have experienced that too from many around me at magical moments in the challenges of life.

may you and your friends feel this intention of love from this image in this shop

available here: 

and that brings me to the last piece of this series..

something i deeply miss at this time of the covid19 pandemic is air travel,international travel, global explorations.

how about you?

I know after seeing nature heal so much.

my plans for travel have changed,my agenda during travel is being reformatted as I absorb a more heart led intention.

Really grateful for the books,stories,blogs that reminisce travel.

Created from an inspiration from travel to morocco via memories of friends stories,magazine pages of now and a summery of escape novels i have read in this life time over a cup of Moroccan mint tea.. Pose and angles carry the power of geometry allowing for the eyes to go on a journey.

The lesson 5 of Back in the brack: brings contemplation on pose

the solo task allowed us artist to place  people in each new scene and as we mix and match reflect on how the impression of the person’s pose and presence alters the art piece.

I created 3 magazine collages…and finally painted a summary of the feeling that remained from the experienced lesson of a journey.

art available from sale here: 

refer back to this previous blog post I wrote earlier this week:

Enjoy a little gallery from my 14 day dive to intro to portraiture classes via National portrait gallery Australia

I warmly invite you to try out a few of the free lessons:

they are delightful containing

some story,a small interview with the artist and the sitter and fun tasks to try alone or with a friend.

I learned a lot.As someone that avoids self portraits,I discovered the power of beauty that dances in the vibrant life we hold as humans.


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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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