Been so long,how are you all during these uncertain times?

I had the pleasure with chatting with one of you

and all we exchanged was positive golden words.

despite being in different countries

different time zones

different restrictions.

the sadness and the gratefulness is the same.


we all are grieving a loss of freedom.

and with the inner freedom,we have this opportunity

…we all are facing ourselves:

our minds

our bodies

our hangups

everything that was not grounded..20171116_165631480

we have this time to gaze at..ourselves,deeply

and have an inner dialogue20171106_111854


In this time along with my peers

I have been called to serve

serve family

serve health

and serve the work I am here to do


I find myself

writing a lot

to myself,

reflecting on life,




creating as release,as a way to honor memories of loved ones who have passed away suddenly in 2020 or creating the joy I have from memories…or long to create.2019-05-17


one last thing before i go

please dear ones

eat good food (vitamin rich)

keep fit

enjoy sunshine

and keep your immunity up with at least 6-8 hours of good sleep.

I find myself rebooting by being with nature…

bare feet on the grass

gazing at flowers near by

looking at the branches of leaves

having a few plants in my home workspace..

and listening to the sweet songs of the birds tending to their nest.Untitled design

I am lucky that for mental health we are encouraged to visit beach or park from 6m-10am.

still keeping distance and still covering mouth and nose if people are around.

…and all I love is closed.



I decided to start selling my artwork on a few websites.

Maybe I have outgrown them..Maybe they will sooth someone at home at this time

I am grateful to be supported to share my art in this way at this time.

here are the websites so far:


Please do share with your friends,and come visit the shops too..

I am still loading some of my favorite soothing paintings on the websites..

you can enjoy looking  at my art public on Instagram too..


some music for your entertainment.

last but not least

what have i been upto…..

this free introduction to portraiture 14 lesson series…

there is art

there is photgraphy

and there are solo and connected tasks too

I am working on the last lesson.. self portrait..

will post it here in the blog when I complete…

take care everyone



Published by Reensarai and her stories after

South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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