hi all,happy holidays

Hi everyone

how has your 2019 been?

Woman typing on laptop. Workspace with green leaves, mug of coff
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I have had a heavy year

loss of elders that deeply mattered,

loss of trust in mistakes made by those in power to lead,

and a deep passion and purpose growing within me.



I have been busy focusing on the good work i can do.

Perhaps the only visible thing has been my creative expression and collaborations.

warm drinks for december.
stockphoto: katemaxstock

It has been a place to put deep emotions and let go.

before the holiday cooking marathon begins…

I thought i would type a blog post.


This year I’m doing an online retreat. Think movement, art, energy work and mini workshops all from home. The retreat has had over 65,000 women join from all over the world. Want to do it with me?

it’s free.

it’s online

and the replay will last until new years.



although this will be my last year.

through 2019 i have discovered things that i have outgrown.

Hope you all are doing well.

wishing you a good completion of 2019 as we embark on the journey of 2020.

in case you are unable to join the womens’ retreat,

yet you want to follow along and see what i have created within women unleashed retreats..you can…

check out my pubic Instagram just for this month..



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2 thoughts on “hi all,happy holidays

  1. So sorry to hear about your trials. But I’m so happy to see you resurfacing. I’ve just gone back to blogging after a long time too, so I know the feeling. Looking forward to reading your future posts. ❤

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