wow it has been a long time.

hi community,

How are you?

how has your 2019 been?


lately it was pretty heavy.pretty heavy since august.

In my profession i witnessed a few injustices in end of life care.

and have been being a shoulder  since.someone close to me lost their mom by an injustice by the staff who were not aware while inserting breathing tube.

and this elderly mom passed away so suddenly.

and this close one of mine.O great heart I wonder what is next.

I attended the open casket funeral.

and the family(adult childen) will be mourning for 100 days.

and during those 100 days.

I have been creating art,while witnessing them in their loss.


I have missed being here and typing in my words and expression.

I am sorry all of you.I was in a good mood to express.just create.


2019 has been a few creative collaborations

the most recent is

abstract painting.

following the late great women painters fo abstract painting

trying out new techniques

and amazed after.

not just by what I created with my 2 hands pouring cans of acrylic paint.

More of


before the internet,

before blogging,

these creatives just traveled

and would create beautiful paintings remembering nature.. and natures beauty.

I am talking about helen frankenthaler…

her travels to nova scotia

and various places in masechusetts.

the colors, the layers,and after creating to look at pictures of the nature she was inspired by

mind blowing.

my IT engineer friend and I have been buddy painting a few artist great work.

Helen frankenthaler,

Lee Krasner,

Alma thomas,

and finally Hedda Sterne.

each so unique!!

they all are long gone from  earth,

yet their art work and life stories remain,

their art still inspires.

At a time art by women was not taken seriously

these rebels were creating abstracts.


Why did i start this creative collaboration?

Well my dear friend is taking an art class,

and after all the professional training,art never had a place.

Now she is making space for it.

yet there is a sadness…”why do I feel like I am wasting my time?”

she asks me?

I ask “what do you mean?”

“well all in class they are master artist… and i create art like a 2 or 3 year old. my art looks so bad..”

My heart just cracked wide open….”Dear friend,I understand how you feel.This art journey is you,your hands and the art materials…I wish i was sitting in this class with you..tell you about we buddy paint a few of the assignments? you are in no way alone!”

so we started.

we painted a few pieces of these artist together at the same time…but in different places.

I would take a picture and send her the painting. and she would do the same.

you can check out my paintings on instagram

I tried copying…yet my hands create totally different.

this was the hardest task of the class..abstract.

now my friend…she loves abstract…

after reading a little about the lives of the lady artist.

who faced the same emotions,frustration,challenges…She connected.

“Hey we are painting some angels and saints ,huh?”


you know what,

i gained a lot from this collaboration…

I finally stepped into my role as a creator…

and signed my painting…

inspired by lee krasners story…

creating after the loss of a close one.

recently an uncle of mine passed away from cancer,i am unable to go to the funeral in another country.

yet painting put a place for grief

it moved the emotion through

it is so interesting…Lee krasner.. painting after her husbands sudden death…

signing her paintings playfullly

to find comfort in her creations.

i am talking about the painting sun woman.




I don’t know..just thought I woudl type in here after a long time.

Maybe I will return and post some of the paintings here for you all.

reblog friday has been on a hiatus.

hope to revive it again.

I will reblog a few that I see……

and come bakc to edit these typed words.


sending you all love for the closure of 2019.




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