things I do to stay rooted in who i am growing to be.

It happens sometimes life shakes us up.

We forget what our passion is,

we forget why did we start this good habit in the first place.

we may even absorb teaching that we don’t believe in.

It happened to me 18th of may.

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I felt shook up.

i think I blogged just after that day.

i feel so much better now.

I was overwhlemed.

things I do to reconnect to who I am.

1)listen to music that i loved less then7 years ago.

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2) reconnect with friends locally and aks them what is my unique quality that you appreciate in me?

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3) deepen the love with the people connection I already have.

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4)delete all communication apps

5) refrain from facebook/instagram/twitter for a while

those newsfeeds can sometimes be uneccessary

6) be curious about anger/sadnesss/fatigue or boring moments

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7)get  out in nature

8) enjoy a bright sunrise/colorful sunset

9) make a to do list based on what is a priority now

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10) go for a walk

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woman standing and doing pose beside lake
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11)review what has been going on recently,what are my dreams? what can i do now that can get me closer to my dream.

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hope all of you are doing great.

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5 thoughts on “things I do to stay rooted in who i am growing to be.

  1. When something shakes us up, we need to sit and observe our breath and absorb in our breathing. The very life we are living is due to the invoulantary breathing. If we take a Moment to acknowledge that and thank it, we will calm all our tensions, for, a shaken mind affects breath and a regulated breath straightens the mind!

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