it has been a while,i have been creating for 100 day project.

hi everyone,

I typed a mini post about the 100 day project in april end,yet it never got published


so i am here now.

There is so much that dwells within me to write, type, speak

yet somehow,I  have not been blogging for a while.happy full moon !

architecture area bay bridge
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close up of smart phone
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it has been a busy time of the year.

Even then,

I have been creating. and sharing on instagram…I somehow stopped sharing my written expression.most popular on instagram.

So it is almost 50 days into the 100-day project.i ahve been creating consistantly daily for more than a month.Yet….

the other day while creating and sharing the art, I noticed something.

My descriptions keep getting longer.PSX_20190512_070313

Oh no, not just that.I was attempting to share about me and what I am feeling.oooops mask off mask on….laughter!


portrait of young woman
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then it hit me……

hello,Reen you have not been blogging!some of the favorite words printscripted with watercolor background.

oh my.oh my!

hope you all have been good!

I hope to catch up on some of your interesting blogs as well.

I though I would pop back in and share some of the 100 day project.some of my favorite creations

and It turns out those paintings are getting a blog of their own on medium. They just have so many tiny insights from creating consisitantly for 45 days.

have a break led signage
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I will be popping back in here as inner work  has never stopped.

the magic of you sereis by Lotus Sky.

the spiritual revolution series by kiran kaur

and in between sketchbook revival

lots of people,lots of typeing,lots of communicating in person discussions,buddy watching episodes. and then the many phone call discovery uncoveries after.


In person discussion with the like minded who have gone through similar .

person holding white snes controller
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within questions are coming up such as:

“how can I step more into personal leadership?

eight person huddling
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how can I stay more commited to my inspired action and follow through to completion of  tasks/goals intention?

How can i share my gifts and talents in the world to uplift humanity other then in my profession of healthcare?

sometimes it feels like it is just not enough.we need creative solutions everywhere.

blackboard business chalkboard concept
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until now it had been creating art  and sharing it.

woman pointing on sticky note on a wall
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and writing.. mostly for myself…and also in this blog.

antique architecture contemporary custom
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and speaking occasionaly in discussions…..yet

something is calling me forward to share the empowering inspiring words that come after the heartache and pain that comes from life…

something like a series of letters to my youger self?

white petaled flowers selective focus photography
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to create space for those ssssshhhhhh! discusssion.9creativity,intimacy,cultural taboo topics)

age antiquarian antique book
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I wonder? and what is my role in all this?

assorted color hanging umbrellas
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do any of you feel that way?

Recently I recieved some prizes:inner movie maker award for my written expression during a meditation callenge.

that delighted me…

and also stunned me…

in healthcare…I am still unable to express these gifts.

I used to make commercials with a play video camera as a kid with my siblings,schoolmates,classmates.childhood playmates.

and then

I dropped all that during the SAT’s….

later duing non profit healthcare charities,i used to do street plays to express about health topics to teenagers.

and then I  dropped all that for final competitive exams.

and then board exams….


I think something new is emeging.

I wonder.

I wonder wonder wonder when….i can combine all these gifts in one…or maybe i can start laying the foundations…hmmm?!?





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