session 17: Play Hard Love Hard

Can We Replace The Physical?
with Event Coordinator & DJ, Eric Spivak(
he had a harsh real way of speaking
 yet all he shared was so real
 so true and hurts
How often do you go to live events?
once in a while when a preformer that I resonate with is touring when I am currently
– When was the last time you went out by yourself? I go out by myself once a week to an event
– I challenge you to go to a new place and talk to someone. Then share your experience.
I try this task once a month
 so far it has been magical encounters
 after following intuitive hits..
 hurts enough to change
to uplevel
and step into our roles and showing up
as a leader for a cause we believe in
 it is worth showing up….

Published by Reensarai and her stories after

South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

One thought on “session 17: Play Hard Love Hard

  1. I agree, going out by yourself to an event is something very good. I used to do that a lot more than I do now. It’s a great accomplishment to be able to enjoy your own company… so many people just can’t.

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