session 14: Play Hard Love Hard

The Power of Music and Your Voice
with Inspirational Entertainer, Justin MichaelWilliams
what I loved about his session is about all the wisdom he had share about his grandmother and him
 and the suden loss!

 all he realised that he wanted to acheive and contribute to socitey

a deeper way to Connect with your inner voice

– Empower that inner voice to share with the world
– Open up with music
– Are you afraid to speak your truth?

yes, with my elderly parents
no, I am not afraid to speak my truth with all others
as my undertone is just warm love!
warm love for humanity
after my 2 friends passed away
I know i am here to give and be love to all I interact with.
life can be so short
never know the positive impact we can smile to another.

light in the dark forest

– What is your favorite type of music and why?
I love music:
instrumental= to write to
music that moves me=so I can dance out and move my emotions
uplifting music, inspiring people who sing with their voice=
empowers me to move out of fear, sadness, confusion
upbeat music=
to get me in the mood as if my dream/challenge becomes awesome.
mixed playlists i love!

Breakfast and Baking-cafe music please
styled stock photography by Shay Cochrane for the SC Stockshop.(

– What issues will you use your voice for?
anything that I can say that will uplift anyone
especially for who feels scared to show up for themselves.

I am passionate to speak about issues that I have overcome
any moment that I can share my heart.

I am discerning about what topics i will take a stand for.

mostly i take a stand for love!


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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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