session 15:Play Hard Love Hard

Marketing the Authentic You
with Health & Wellness Coach, Shayna Hiller(
this has to be my favorite session!
 marketing maintaining you energy is an advice I really appreciated from this interview.
i guess i secretly like branding topics
 she had some valueable to share from her many years of experience fo branding adn rebranding.
 all about marketing
seflcare and self love at the same time her idea of health was interesting.
 the idea of searching and learning for yourself … create a service ….to share with others
 and finally creating a brand and all the hang ups  we deeply feel while  sharing our selves in  buisness on social media
these answers change every day
 as i keep evolving
Do you find social media inspiring or distracting?

I find social media distracting when I am looking at my professional peers/classmates/alumni/coworkers.

I find social media inspiring when I am looking at mentors and inspirational creatives

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– Do you find your social media reflecting the authentic you?
I share my art on Instagram
creative expression of emotions on my blog.
FB purely for group participation/retreats and group training. my page is not too active.
I got bored of FB profile page a decade ago I guess,especially after joining the medical profession I find ethical concerns and deactivate from FB often to protect patient files while online.

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What is holding you back from putting out your content?

professional vows of privacy.
content being stolen????!!!???
judgment from my professional bosses and finally, all is pretty public already.
I am still learning who I am and my deeper why
as I still dive deep into what am i passionate about
and how
and the path that leads to the next excitement…..

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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

4 thoughts on “session 15:Play Hard Love Hard

  1. I find social media inspiring and distracting!!! 😅 I had to delete my Twitter page because it was all getting too much to cope with, which is also why I don’t have comments on my blog any more. Being creative and sharing that creative process is such a valuable experience, but if over time you attract a lot of attention with your creativity it can be a little overwhelming and take over your real life. It’s a challenge to manage it all in balance and still keep in contact with your online friends.

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