session 11 : Play Hard Love Hard

Embracing the burning phase

with Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Nick Perry(

once upon a time….

I actually rememeber when nick perry was a famous surfer and surfing the world


I often wondered what happened to him?

he had so many jewelsof wisdom from his life experience to share…

about life.

trying out what you love, finding mentors and exporing and finally getting to know yourself more and more in time! =self discovery!

stock photo :


What are you still holding on to and afraid to let go?
routines that don’t work. those routines are like a comfort zone.
old acquaintances that I have outgrown or changed locations.

moments I am with old acquaintances and they ramble on about  “should”or they are not all there(scrolling on phone while talking with me/no eye contact)

?!? and how shall I change this

listen deeper to each loving relationship/friendship I have now.i chose to commit to   speak clearly when I observe this repeating pattern of disconnected conversation “I will reconnect with you, when you can be present and give me your best energy to co create joy with me”….



Who are some of your mentors/teachers?
mentors who cheer me on to my authentic self tgroughthe path less talked of….innovating a new way of being…

work- Kien Vu,Dr Marie Mboumi
activism-Sonali Fiske
leadership from spirit-Kavita Leela Arora
creativity transition-Joyce van der leyle
all things feminine way in the logical science mind-Jonita D’souza,Christine Arylo,Katherine Alexander-hille.
life coach:rachelle
teachers many.

photo from pexels:

Do you trust yourself/Life?
I trust myself mostly in territories i have been through
I trust my intuition
I am learning to trust myself in sharing my radiant gifts while i create.
so I trust myself with life…still learning so I call up my mentors.

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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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