session 3:Play Hard Love Hard

Natalie then interviews  Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

(Creativity and Business Coach,)

who originally invited me to this series”play hard love hard”

Amber is a creativity coach

and she does a great time of creating structure for creatives!

I love attending her online series

it always contains a wide variety of ways to relax and reflect while creating art.

question prompts after watching the interview and creating scribble art…


Where are you creative in your life (not just artistic)?

I love to create links to people, link people to possibly collaborate together in my acquaintance circle. It begins as a heart spark I feel, I then ponder upon the thought I hope they are open to meet and interact with each other. Eventually, as the moment both people shows up in the same space, I introduce them to each other.I begin by sharing what I admire in each person. Then I just let the universe take over. I love to manage groups while I feel(intuitive hits) within me. I see and entertain the inner child in all who work around me. I have been told the same at goodbye parties.


A photo of my scribble drawingPSX_20190218_083253

and the message I received-

the intention I inquired:

in the professional outlet, I long to create innovation?

feeling confused….

like it is a cloud of an idea?!?

the answer received: I am warmly and deeply supported by

a team of characters/cartoon like animal spirit guides.

They are working through the heart intention. absorbing, learning and laughing ,throughout the journey.
=it has been synchronicities!
and still recieving……while turning the painting around and adding a little while relaxing.

from the interview :

-we start out creative

-later we think practical

eventually we become anxious,stressed ,depressed to disconnected from others and ourselves.

 the host thinks back to what inspired her for this series

…why are we disconnected? where is the love?(heart ache)


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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

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