session 2:Play Hard Love Hard

Loving Your Body

interview with Holly Roesser


Health and Body Image Coach with a specialty in body image


What do you see or feel about the way you look?

after a long time of sketching self-portraits, journaling, and spending time with people who support my gutsy work.

I judge myself less.
as a teen, as a young adult, I used to judge myself mainly skin color and curvy body shape in comparison to my slim  fair mother’s side of the family.

rather than embracing my curvy voluptuous warm toned body temple.

it took a long time to release these self-judgments.


Do you place guilt or shame on food?

I place a lot of guilt in indulging in my favorite decadent desserts.

Atelier21 Co - Break Time-038
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How can you shift to have a more healthy relationship with food and the way you look?

I believe that I can shift the way my relationship is to food by looking at food as part of nourishment and self-investment, rather than as a means to fill my hunger. Rather than diving into food as a comfort to stressful moments.

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I explored holly’s  5 day food challenge.

I really loved holly’s interview.
I can relate to some of her story. Especially when she shares about her rash and feeling less than.


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