Play Hard Love Hard series reflections.

I know I did not blog for a long hands were serving a close one who had hand surgery.I again shall be serving this week I thought I woudlpost a few deep written work of mine that I recently expressed.

valentines day is wonderful

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it is a celebration of all forms of love

while celebrating love

I decided to dive into deep self reflection while looking at an invitation by Natalie Garnica for an online series”play hard love hard”


what is love?

and so I will share my reflections from the series along with the question prompts.

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What is your definition of Love?

love to me is deep understanding,

an outflow,

what is created beyond this material earthly plane.

it is the source of what has created us….

and finally, as humans ,our life,

living daily is love that moves.

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Where do you find love in your life now?

my love, my creative outlet, my comrades (people with me), and my friends in my nonjudging warm spaces.

As I work in the service of life and death my heart cracks open daily!

it opens to emanate a nonjudging space..

this warm nonjudging space facilitates story sharing and healing within me and within others by themselves as they share their stories to me.

yes! as an eternal student I am still learning!

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Where do you want to create more love?
I want to create more love where love is stuck in my challenges! I long to shine and be courageous. yet fear exists. I have love, yet hold on to it in a contracted state. i create yet it gets stuck and contracted out of fear.fear of being judged in the professional atmosphere…

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What heartbreaks are holding you back from creating that?
I have grieved from the death of close ones.., I have been brokenhearted in romantic relationships yet those did not weigh me down.I faced those feelings, forgiven and loved more after.

Yet the close one to one friendships

I have experienced(best friends).

Those friendships that are suddenly broken are exactly the ongoing heartache that I avoid to face the feelings.

though I exchanged the words of forgiveness…my heart still feels stunned…

can I trust again?…

can I trust myself to trust again in such close one to one freindships?

is there something wrong within me that allowed this to happen…

those deep friendships that are suddenly non friends..

and that….

yes that is exactly what is coming in the way of the above ?

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watching a video of the hostess Natalie share her heartaches of  close best friend suddenly passing away at 19 and then again a close mentor best friend suddenly dying 2 years later

that vulnerablilty really touched me.

so strong is our desire to be loved and to be love

really touched me…so I am sharing  here this deep reflection that has emerged from the dark depths that I have perhaps hidden away and forgotten!love-selfcare-createherstock-6

If you would like to enjoy this deep dive in your heart and filling it up with thoughts,conversations and inner reflection….








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