2019 I will….sacred declarations

I really start my year in February…..ya i know the calendar changed to 2019 in january..

yet did it really feel like new years in january….

alll the new year resolutions…5 day challenges..and all the rushing….I don’t know..i did not feel it.

after groundhogs day….(Imbolc)after the wild cry of St Brigid saying”I won’t back down in what truly fires me up”….then I feel like I am just opening up to writing the date 2019 on paper..

until then I just tune in..go with the flow and observe the rising of creativity.

I weave in dreams for 2019 (from Jan to mid-Feb)

I collect written to does not accomplish…(professional career dreams, dreams of marriage, dreams of creating a nest of my own and the wild and crazy dreams that are within me from the challenges where I had a turnaround.)

dreams that seem to emerge within


the bunny doesn’t know it is spring,

unless there is more sunlight until winter.

I wonder if the ground hog will be right saying spring is coming early…he was running around looking for his shadow in PA(pensylvania)

i start my new year in february…lunar new year..chinese new year.

happy lunar new year everyone!wishes.jpg

after all the years of new years resolutions..rushing through the holidays and the burning out..

just makes sense to create a power pause…

and so here it is.

sacred declarations of 21 days…..oops there are only 12.hmmm


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South Asian American lady and her legacy of creativity

2 thoughts on “2019 I will….sacred declarations

  1. Hey Reena. how is it going? long time. Any progress with your search for “the one”? i finally have setlled with my new life. lots of things have happened in the last six months. i will start blogging again now. i hope you are doing great.

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