arranged love all that is guaranteed is a huge ceremony to dress up for,a big bill and 2 unhappy strangers….no thanks, I would rather dress up and celebrate me!

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they say all the lines that make you feel guilty…

you are a financial burden!

when can you just leave home and let us die in peace!

you are useless!

you don’t do family chores!you don’t make biriyani and chicken curry!

you spend all day at work or in your room!

you don’t amount to anything!

your siblings are better than you!our family friends kids are better than you,your cousins are better than you!

everyone else is married with kids!

all our friends are playing with their grandkids!

you should get married and have kids!

then you would take your life seriously!

we just want you to be happy!


and then the dance begins….

suddenly my looks mean everything…

the dentist…

shopping …facial… getting my eyebrows..putting on hazel colored contacts..

o you will bring honor to our house if you marry him! “he is such a fine catch I would marry him!”says my mother

we can die knowing someone will be taking care of you!

we will die in peace.

we will be happy.

we cannot wait for you to get married and send us the picture of your kids.

we are not gonna be alive forever.

little do they know  that  this very act  of pressure and forcing is illegal

it is forced

it is emotional black mail

when parents pressure their children to marry the same race,same is not mixing genes it is adding more mutations.

your skin must match!?!!??

excuse me!!!!

are you a racist? is what I am thinking

you are asking me to think so low like you? because of fear,panic and an illusion?


no way!

love your ultra conservative immigrant parents?take one step behind and really observe many contradictions?





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