and so it is ,it was and it shall be


i let go of the heartache that my parents are throwing to me.

i let go of what is going from their head

i already lived out that case scenario

of being in India married to an Indian and practicing cleaning clothes like a dhobi(clothes washing man)

banging on the stone clothes soap and water

all the love for a clean crisp shirt for him to wear to surgery rounds net day morning

ya right!

and i don’t want it as it seems so unreal….all for a price fo leaving the freedom that was so hard to come home to

am grateful i have an ocean breeze and plenty of seawater to drink and nourish my beautiful self until tomorrow i am grateful i don’t need to tell Heidi any more

she my Egyptian queen of ancient item will pray for me

will wish me well for all the ways i was able to practice her English in medicine

about the topic i don’t what to upset her.

the stuff she is doing is different

she has plenty of people to help her even if i have to runaway out of state to live as me .

this is the fight of survival for my authentic lovely warm international self

i have a message

who will hear it

if i get whisked away with a fantasy that is not safe for me to live and speak my truth!

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